Taiwan Travels Made Easirer and Simpler Landing Visa for 14Days' Stay Granted to Hong Kong and Macau Residents Effective Today

Effective 8 Aug 2001, permanent residents of HKSAR and Macau can enjoy the convenience of obtaining a temporary entry permit for a 14-day stay at aiwan, upon arrival the International Airports in Kaohsiung and Taipei, by presenting proof of their previous visits.

The good news was announced by the Ministry of Interior of Taiwan on 6 Aug 2001 in a press release regarding the new entry policy for HKSAR and Macau residents. Following is an extract of the press release (please refer to the attachment for details).

Eligibilities Permanent residents of HKSAR or Macau
Holding vaild Taiwan Entry Permit or who had been permitted to enter Taiwan and are able to provide proof of previous visits in / after 1983 by presenting their used Taiwan Entry Permit
Temporary Entry Permit Application Procedures Individual: apply direct to Bureau of Immigration upon arrival.
Groups: To avoid long waiting time, gruops with more than 5 members are suggested to fax (886-3-393-1433) application forms to Bureau of Immigration one day before departure in between 08:00 ~ 17:00
Duration of Stay Up to 14-day from the next day of arrival.
Documents Required

Application Form

- To be completed on arrival the International Airports in Kaohsiung or Taipei

Two 2" recent photos

- taken within last 3 months, one being fixed to the Application Form

Valid Taiwan Entry Permit of proof of previous visits in/after 1983(ie, used Taiwan Entry Permit)

- For HKSAR or Macau residents who had entered Taiwan in/after 1983, but unable to present proof of previous visits, issuance of Temporary Entry Permit will be subject to investigation by Bureau of Immigration based on computer record.
- For HKSAR or Macau residents who had entered Taiwan in/before 1983, but not ever since, and who are unable to provide proof of previous visits, application must be made to the Bureau of Immigration to obtain certificate for proof of previous visits.

Valid Passport or Permanent Resident ID Card

- BNO passport / HKSAR passport / Macau passport with validity of more than 6 months, or original copy of HKSAR / Macau Permanent Resident ID card.

Confirmed return ticket / onward travel tickets

- Departure date must be within 14 days from arrival.

Special Notes Application fee: NIL
Travelers holding valid Taiwan Entry Permit can also apply for the temporary permit, and keep their valid permit for next entry.
No stickers will be fixed to and no stamp will be chopped on travelers' HKSAR / Macau passport or other certificated.